Frye Institute


For ten years, the Frye Institute of Education has been preparing and developing the next generation of leaders in libraries, information services, and higher education. But much has changed in a decade. In 2010 the Frye Institute took a one-year hiatus, in order to develop and articulate a vigorous new program that addresses higher education's leadership needs in an era of unprecedented change.

Frye is about leadership; in its new iteration, Frye engages those who are already leaders in their profession and further develops their skills, particularly in the area of advocacy. The Institute addresses challenges in higher education through a variety of topics, empowering librarians and information technologists to instigate conversations and take action on issues of importance not just to their individual institutions, but to the entire higher education community. Now more than ever higher education requires leaders, particularly in the information sector, who can inspire, advocate, and implement fundamental collaborative change.

The Frye Institute of Education curriculum is based on three guiding principles:

  1. Participants learn how to be part of a collaborative community that takes leadership on critical issues to develop a platform for collective action.
  2. Participants develop the skills to build public will, set an agenda for change, and advocate for the policies that need to be adopted to bring about change.
  3. Participants learn by doing through collaborative engagement.

The Frye Institute seeks to engage participants as a community with an intensive opportunity for study and collaborative work. Through a seminar approach, Institute participants will focus on specific issues as they seek to develop new kinds of thinking to foster collective action. They will deconstruct the issues, craft arguments to re-conceptualize what is happening in higher education, and form a community that is capable of catalyzing action through collaborative projects. Further information about the current Frye Leadership Institute's focus may be found on the What is the Program? page.

The Frye Institute of Education was initiated through a generous grant from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation and is named in honor of Billy E. Frye, now retired, who has served as the chancellor and provost of Emory University, as a member of CLIR's board, and as a distinguished leader in higher education.

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